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Categorie : Films (2)
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  • The One Thing to Do • de Michaël R. Roskam • België - 2005 - 00h25m00
    Matthias Schoenaerts  •  Tibo Vandenborre  •  Serge-Henri Valcke  •  Philippe Destren  •  Noël Brignole  •  Christophe Di Caro  •  Isabelle Dos Santos  •  Lionel Tavera

  • de Jan De Coster • Spanje - 2005 - 00h20m00

    Two men carry a palm tree through an endless desert to an unknown destination. Their journey is harrowing, but since they must hurry they refuse to rest or put down the palm tree. Little by little the two men become rivals. When they meet a young girl, the only survivor of a terrible disaster, they come into conflict. Will they reach their destination and what will they find there ?